Are Danish companies overlooking international talent?

May 07, 2021 1:01 pm


For the next two weeks, we'll be looking at the big topic of getting a job in Denmark.

The initial idea was that our conversations would be solely focused on helping non-Danes navigate the job market. Once we got in the studio, a few things emerged:

  • Anyone would benefit from the job seeking advice we received from our expert guests
  • There's a massive opportunity for Danish companies to hire top quality (international) talent who currently can't communicate "the Danish way"

We ended up splitting out the episode into two parts.

Next week is all about practical advice on getting a job in Denmark. This week we talk about the theory of how Denmark is different to other countries, including

  • The 3 Golden Rules to know before applying for a job
  • Why your application needs to focus on "We" not "I"
  • The fact that in Denmark there are photos on the CV
  • Common misconceptions about why Danish companies wouldn't want to hire internationals

Our expert guests this week

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P.S. In answer to last week's joke:

Hvornår er en pirat mest glad? [When is a pirate most happy?]

Når han er i seng med sin skat [When he is in bed with his treasure/ sweetheart]

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