Practical advice on how to get a job (in Denmark)

May 14, 2021 1:01 pm


After last week's episode that looked at some theory behind why getting a job in Denmark is different to elsewhere this week we get into practicalities.

Starting out, we thought this would be very Danish centric (e.g. attach a photo on your CV), but the advice we cover has ended up being applicable for anyone looking to get a job.

As before, you'll hear the tips and advice that myself and Josefine discuss (a lot coming from Karey-Anne from The Welcome Group/ English Job Denmark in Copenhagen).

We focus on how to be tactical when it comes to job seeking, including:

  • Being strategic about which applications to make
  • When to call the hiring manager and what to say
  • How to follow up after an interview

We also talk about alternative forms of employment and how, for example, freelancing first becomes a much easier way to get a foot in the door before landing a dream job.

If you/ someone you know is in the job market I'm sure it'll be useful. If you/ they do listen - I hope you enjoy!

What The Denmark in the press

This week Josefine and I were featured in The International (a leading English speaking publication in Denmark) and The Browser (one of the world's top curated newsletter). The latter had the following to say about the Flat Hierarchies episode


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