"Denmark is such a 'low anxiety' place to live"

Nov 04, 2022 11:16 am


This week's episode of one of episodes we do each season where we speak with a non-Dane who has moved to Denmark to hear what things they find peculiar (both positive and negative) and what they wish they knew before coming.

This time we have two!

Or at least, we feature wife and husband Anne Jamison and John Bennett, a couple from America who have lived in many places, most recently Dubai, before moving to Copenhagen.

What we discussed

Anne and John were (are) great: lots of fun and thoughtful perspectives, and able to compare Danish life (mainly positive, but with a few negatives) with that of Dubai and America.

More specifically:

  • Work/life balance in Denmark and how this differs from US culture
  • Denmark being a “low anxiety” place to work
  • The tribulations in getting things delivered to Denmark over the summer

And many more fun, interesting things that come from moving to a new country.

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A message from our sponors...

This episode is sponsored by Talent to Denmark's "State of Denmark" campaign. 

Denmark is actively looking to attract international talent (like Anne and John!) to move to the country.

If you're interested to learn more about jobs in (one of) the happiest countries in the world, head to www.state-of-denmark.com/wtd

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