Newcomers’ Survival Guide: everything you need to know ahead of visiting Denmark for the first time

Feb 24, 2023 10:31 am


This is the final episode of What The Denmark Season 3.

Many of our listeners share the podcast with friends/ families who come to visit and so we wanted to create an episode that speaks to exactly the questions that many people have when coming here for the first time.

Obviously many of you are here already, and so we hope this is a helpful episode to share with visitors!

Sam and Josefine are joined in the studio with two excellent guests (Kay and Joseph) sharing their insights and tips on how to orient your first days and weeks in the land of Denmark..!

The four discuss all sorts of interesting things to help you on the practical elements of being in Denmark: navigate from the airport, avoid getting run over by a bike and even building friendships with local Danes.

In the episode we discussed various apps/ services that are useful to know about

We also featured a question from Derek who runs the Robe Trotting Youtube channel (all about things that are confusing about Denmark) and spoke about Joseph’s Copenhagen University article: 

In the studio

Kay Xander Mellish is the author of the new book "How to Work in Denmark: Tips for finding a job, succeeding at work, and understanding your Danish boss". She is the voice behind the long-running "How to Live in Denmark" podcast and blog. 

Joseph Yamoah is a project consultant at Maersk (a Danish multinational) and moved to Denmark full-time from Ghana after studying at the University of Copenhagen.


In the picture

Our episode image this week features Kay and Joseph. We thought it wouldn't look so friendly for them to be "inside" the window, and so brought them out in front 😅


We also had this one from the actual studio recording.


A message from our sponors...

This episode (and indeed the whole season) has been sponsored by Talent to Denmark's "State of Denmark" campaign. 

Being a small country, Denmark is actively looking to attract international talent to move to here.

If you're interested to learn more about jobs/ life in (one of) the happiest countries in the world (where you could perhaps also meet your future partner), head to

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Happy Friday, and goodbye for now! Hopefully it's not too long before we back with more episodes 🙂


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