{{contact.first_name}} introducing Andra Keay, NGUYEN Sao Mai and Selin Alara Örnek

Feb 02, 2021 6:46 pm


Here's latest stories from the Women in Robotics weekly updates! 14 year old phenomenon Selin Alara Örnek has been coding since she was 8 and building robots since she was 10 including a robot guide dog for the blind!

"I love robots however I do find it frustrating when the code that was working the day before doesn't work. I also find it hard supplying my robots with power. I learn online although I do have a few mentors that help me but it's really not easy learning on my own. My favourite thing about robotics is making them, and when they work like they should. My robots make people really happy so I love that. I also love succeeding - the feeling when my robots come to life is unbelievable.” says Selin Alara Örnek.

Read more here: https://robohub.org/women-in-robotics-update-andra-keay-nguyen-sao-mai-and-selin-alara-ornek/


You can nominate other outstanding Women in Robotics or share your story for one of our next newsletters in our Women in Robotics Spotlights. We love learning about your achievements and why you love robotics too!

If you're a woman working in robotics - or interested in learning more, welcome! If you haven't received an invitation to our slack community, reach out to andra@womeninrobotics.org Our local chapters will share event details here, on our Slack and on Meetingplace.io and we're going to be forming more local chapters in 2021.

Our focus for 2021 is on:

  • Project Inspire - our annual 30 women in robotics you need to know about list, plus regular updates, spotlights, and wikipedia pages for women in robotics.
  • Project Connect - forming new chapters, promoting our online community, and enjoying regular member led activities and events, under a Code of Conduct.
  • Project Advance - piloting a mentoring program, providing educational resources for women in robotics, and improving accountability metrics in our workplaces.


Women in Robotics Melbourne (Australia) had the first meetup in 2021 with have Nicola Kloet sharing her experiences with STEM and Robotics, and her passion to help young students gain ground. Nicole Klouet, is a PhD candidate in aerospace engineering working on reducing the acoustic impact of drones on society.

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regards, Andra Keay at Women in Robotics