Walking the rainbow

After spending 26 days doing the alphabet walk (have a read of this here: https://whatsnottohike.co.uk/walking-from-a-z), and still in lockdown, I came up with the idea of looking for each colour of the rainbow whilst on my daily walk.  In countries...

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May 09, 2020
Walking from A-Z

Yes we may be in lockdown, and missing our normal lifestyles, but there are things of interest that you can still do. This activity is great for people of all ages, trust me it’s tried and tested!  Think you know your A-Z? Well this idea will test yo...

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May 08, 2020
The wonderful world of Ladybirds

Did you know that there are 46 different species of ladybird in the UK and can live for up to 3 years? The post The wonderful world of Ladybirds appeared first on Whats Not To Hike.

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May 05, 2020