Simple SEO that works (Understand. Plan fast. Attack today)


Enjoy a simple, quick video course that teaches the SEO essentials…how search engines work and how you can “show up” when someone searches for your service.

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Topics include: 

  1. Understand how search engines work
  2. How small business can beat big business
  3. How to find keywords for your website
  4. Simple best practices to optimize your website and outside your website
  5. How to review your SEO actions and double down to get to top 3 results

The problem you'll solve:

To get more customers visiting your website. A great-looking website might feel good, but if you aren’t showing up when people search for your service, then you’re not attracting customers.

How is my SEO course different from others? 

This is not a guru selling, 20-hour packed, know-it-all “masterclass”. Instead, I'm covering the need-to-know SEO essentials - to help you understand SEO enough where you can take action with a clear understand and attract customers to your website without paid ads. I'll walk you through actions implemented in my own business (what is working and not working for me) what I teach to my clients and students across the world as a digital marketing trainer.

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