Home Business Jumpstart Tips Series: Handling Home Business Solitude

Apr 19, 2022 1:16 pm

Handling Home Business Solitude


Running a home business can leave you feeling separated from the rest of the world.

For some people, the number one challenge of working from home is solitude. If you’re an extrovert, or even just a people person, spending every day with only your own company can be difficult. For me, an introvert, it may not be number one, but it is still in the top three. Going it alone can be tough. Even if you have a great support system in place, simply working by yourself every day can take its toll.  That is why it’s important to find ways to feel less disconnected from others.

Luckily there are options out there. 

Rent Co-Working Space

From the huge chains like WeWork and Regus to local companies (I have ThinkTank, CoWorkHers, and Cloudport in my area) co-working spaces not only allow you to work side by side with others, they also provide additional benefits like conference rooms for meetings and a ‘business’ mailing address to protect your home address if putting your personal info out there bothers you. Most also have amenities like coffee bars, not to mention stellar internet connections. Almost all the spaces I’ve investigated offer a low-cost option. Some allow you to rent the space by the day for as little as $30 while others might have an option to pay a small fee per month that allows you access for a set number of days.


Work From The Local Coffee Shop

If a co-working space isn’t an option due to distance or cost, consider working from your local coffee shop a day or so a week. Most have free wi-fi for their customers and the general hub-bub of a busy coffee shop not only gets you interacting with other people, it comes with the perk of having coffee readily available. Some even serve pastries and/or sandwiches. Just a couple of things to consider when working from a coffee shop.

  •         It’s a business, so be prepared to make a purchase. If you’re there for a long time, several purchases.
  •         If you’re using their public wi-fi don’t work with sensitive information. Better yet, don’t use their wi-fi, use your phone’s hot spot instead to keep your information private.


Work From The Public Library

Another great, and free option is to work from your public library. This is a great choice if you need it quiet to work but still like the idea of there being people around. As with working from a coffee shop, be prepared to use your phone’s hot spot for the internet or if using the library's internet, don’t work on sensitive information or materials.


Take A Real, Out Of The House Lunch Break

Maybe you can’t see yourself in a co-working space or even working from the library. Perhaps you are too busy creating and shipping products to feel you can work from somewhere else. There are other ways of getting yourself out among people so that you feel less alone. One of them is taking an honest to goodness, leaving the home office, lunch break. This is a great way to support local restaurants, make connections with their owners, be with other people and get a great meal at the same time. Whether you feel you can do it daily, weekly, or monthly, it’s a great way to battle the solitude.


Use Break Times To Run Quick Errands.

We all have them. Errands that need to be done. Most of us wait until after work hours or on the weekends. Instead of using your ‘you’ time, what if you fit those errands into your break times? If you have to travel a bit, combine your break times into a longer period that will allow you to get what you need accomplished. Whether it’s popping into the local Staples, grabbing a few groceries, or scheduling that doctor’s appointment, getting your errands done during your workday gets you out of the home office and interacting with people. Plus you won’t have all of those errands to do in your free time.


Go To The Gym Or Pool

In a previous newsletter, I talked about how important it is for us to take care of our health. One way to do that is to exercise. Break up your workday by heading to the gym or pool. You’ll not only get to interact with other people, but you’ll also be working toward a healthier you. I love my gym because it has a therapeutic pool that is included in my membership. I adjusted my work schedule so that I leave the home office either at lunch break or at the end of my day for water fitness. Not only is the exercise great for me, but the warm water of the therapeutic pool also makes the stress of the day just melt away.

Listen To Podcasts Or Audio Books.

In addition to doing some of the above things to battle solitude, listening to podcasts or audiobooks in your home office can also make you feel less alone. Just the sound of another person’s voice can help a bit, especially if the quiet of your office drives you crazy. Don’t do this instead of actually getting out of the office though, it’s not really the same as real human interaction.


The point is to just get out somewhere where there are other people around. Just getting out and interacting with other human beings can make you feel less alone when you get back to your office space. 

Although it’s the dream job for many, there are still some challenges when working from home. Solitude is a big one for many people. By thinking outside of the box a little, you can work from home and still interact with other humans enough to make it work for you.

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