Vivo's colour changing phone, Indian PM's Twitter Hack, Razer Chewing Gums and more tech news of the week

Sep 09, 2020 2:51 pm

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Gadgets This Week

🦅 LG's Dual Screen 'Wing'


  • Supports 5G
  • a triple rear camera setup
  • a Snapdragon 7-series processor.
  • Launches on 14th September.

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🦎 Vivo's working on a colour changing phone


  • A bunch of videos on Weibo and twitter demonstrate how the prototype phone changes it colours on the press of a button.
  • Its possible thanks to electro-chromic glass back, that as Vivo says doesn't take much energy.

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📂 Oppo is working on a Razr-like Folding phone


  • The phone folds outward.
  • So when closed, it becomes a compact phone with screens on the front as well as the back.

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🎮 Microsoft confirms $299 Xbox Series S console


  • Microsoft describes it as "next gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever"
  • Price: $299
  • Same CPU as Series X
  • 512GB Storage
  • Microsoft confirmed it hours after it was widely leaked.
  • (Watch launch trailer)

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🤑 Motorola budget phone [Leak]

  • Price: €255 (about $300)
  • 6.8" FHD+ Display
  • 128GB ROM + 4GB RAM
  • 64MP Battery
  • 5000mAh battery


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Week's News...

🔓Apple is delaying iOS 14’s most controversial privacy feature


  • With iOS 14, Apple made advertisers ask users before they can gather data and track them on apps or the web.
  • Apple is delaying this feature, to give developers some more time to comply with the changes.
  • Facebook said it'll stop tracking all user data that will require user permission after this update is implemented. And it will "severely impact" it's ad network.

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🕵️ Amazon reportedly spies it's Flex workers on the internet

  • Reportedly, Amazon has employees and tools to spy if it's Flex drivers are planning a strike.
  • Amazon confirmed after this news was published that it maintained a database of it's workers, their Facebook posts, and their activity on Facebook groups, their Sub-reddits and Twitter.

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💸Facebook will pay users to shut down their accounts ahead of elections.


  • This is a part of Facebook's study of the impact of social media on society during the upcoming US election.
  • show an Instagram pop-up asking users how much would they want in exchange deactivating their accounts.

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🆚 Epic's argument against Apple's removal of the game from App Store

[Read Context: Epic vs Apple, explained in 5 minutes]

  • Epic says it has lost over 60% of its daily active users on iOS.
  • iOS players accounts for one-third of the game's players, at around 116M. 63% of iOS players play the game on only iOS not elsewhere, which means those don't have access to the game now.
  • Epic is worried it might never see these players again.
  • Shadow Complex Remastered has been removed from the Mac App Store
  • Apple is threatening to deny any attempts to apply for a new developer account “for at least a year." which means Epic cannot access a platform with a billion users in the future.

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🇮🇳Twitter account of the personal website of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hacked.

  • The hackers claiming to be John Wick, posted tweets seeking donations for the PM's COVID-19 Relief fund in Bitcoin.
  • They also tweeted, "... We have not hacked Paytm Mall" John Wick, a hacker group was alleged to be behind a major data breach at the eccomerce platform, PayTM Mall.

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🇨🇳 China launched a reusable rocket that provides a "convenient and inexpensive" method of travelling to and from space.

  • The crafted was launched on 4th September and landed on 6th, according to State-run, Xinhua News Agency.
"The spacecraft is new, the launch method is also different. That's why we needed to make sure there is extra security." sources said.

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🚀 SpaceX launched 12th Batch of Starlink satellites


  • On Thursday, a Falcon 9 took off from the Kenedy Space Centre, with this batch of Starlink aboard.
  • Launch webcast commentator, Kate Tice revealed that they're well into the first phase of private beta and tests showed "super-low latency" and download speeds of over 100 megabits a second.
  • Public betas will release later this year and you can sign up for them here on

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😷🤳Uber requires drivers to take a selfie to confirm if they're wearing a mask

  • So far, 3.5M drivers and delivery partners have taken more than 100M mask verification selfies.
  • If you're a rider, you don't need to do mask verification everytime you book a ride, but if a driver complains that you didn't wear a mask, you'll have to verify the next time you want to book a ride.
  • Further, if you cancel the ride because your driver is not wearing a mask, you'll get 100% refund.

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🌊 Google's AI will notify you of floods if you live in India or Bangladesh.

  • In 2018, Google started its flood prediction tool in India's Patna region.
  • Now it covers all of India's flood-hit areas and some parts of Bangladesh, accounting to 240M Android users.
  • Previously, Google started the world's biggest earthquake detection system, powered by your (and millions of other) Android phones.

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📌 Twitter will pin tweets and add a description for hashtags on the Trending page

  • Because 500,000+ people wanted to know "Why's this [a hashtag] trending?" in 2019.
  • You can see it on Twitters Android and iOS apps, if you live in the selected countries that include the US and India.

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🌬️ Razer launched chewing gums for gamers, available in 3 flavours


  • Available in cool mint, tropical punch, and pomegranate watermelon
  • Razer says these gums have been developed with an "extensive amount of R&D" boost your focus and reaction time in games
  • Priced at $2.99 per 15-stick pack or $27.99 for a 10-pack on and Amazon

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👩‍🎤 Fortnite announced a three-week long concert series happening in-game


  • It kicks off with a live performance by Dominic Fike on September 12th and will be broadcast from a brand-new Los Angeles studio built specifically for in-game concerts.
  • Fortnite has a separate island for the purpose, Party Royale, a violence free space with theatres and concert stage.

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🔐Apple's new Over Sharing ad shows many scenarios where you'd want some privacy.

  • From A man on a bus yelling he browsed eight sites for divorce lawyers to a woman with a microphone shouting er credit card information.
  • And obviously, Apple poses iPhones as the privacy hero.
  • Well, not to forget, the FaceTime bug that allowed people to hear encrypted video calls and Apple's apologies for hiring human contractors to listen to Siri recordings.
  • (Watch the ad)

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📺 OTT Platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ will self-regulate to avoid censorship in India

  • The Internet and Mobile Association of India made OTT platforms sign a self regulatory code.
  • It includes age labels and content descriptions as well as a way to report any violations of the system.
  • Streaming services have to set up complaint departments, internal committees or both to deal with any issues.


🚗 Uber announced that 100% of it's ride in the US, Canada and Europe will be on Electric Vehicles by 2030.

  • And by 2040, 100% of all Uber rides globally will be on EVs.
  • Rather than paying drivers directly to make the switch, Uber will give EV riders an extra 50¢ per ride.
  • And if they use specifically battery-electric vehicle, they get $1.5 per ride.
  • Uber will charge riders $1 extra if they choose to ride while saving the environment.

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🛍️ Apple employees will now get paid while they wait for bag checks.

  • Previously, employees of Apple's physical stores had to wait for security bag checks for sometimes upto 45 minutes beyond their paid work hours.
  • A US Court ordered Apple to include those bag checks into work hours.

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🍎Apple announces 'Time Flies' event on September 15th with an AR Easter Egg


  • Expect 4 models of iPhone 12, and probably an updated iPad Air, Apple Watch Series 6 and an over ear headphones.
  • Apple has also confirmed it won't ship the devices in September.
  • Hidden in the announcement was a neat logo of the event that morphed into the text "9.15" which is the date of the event

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🚫 China bans Scratch, MIT developed programming language for kids

  • 3 Million Chinese kids who used Scratch to make stories, animations etc cannot now do so.
  • Projects made with Scratch contains “a great deal of humiliating, fake, and libelous content about China,” a state-run news outlet reported.


🎶Oppo may launch TikTok-like video platform: Report

  • Oppo conformed it will launch later this year.
  • But the app would still be "Chinese", that's the reason why Tiktok was banned in the US and India.


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One liner News

▶️In an attempt to prompt users to upload their own video, YouTube added a 'Create' button in the bottom navigation bar, replacing notifications and subscriptions tabs.


🤖 Microsoft Video Authenticator basically puts AI against AI to detect minute things that go unnoticed by human eye, like blending boundary of the deepfake and subtle fading or greyscale elements.


🎮 India bans PUBG Mobile and 118 other Chinese apps. PUBG Corp might take over PUBG from Tencent.


👁️‍🗨️Alongside it's 11th Gen processors, Intel revealed it's third gen logo


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🗺️ Major Google Maps update will show you the severity of coronavirus outbreaks in your state and country


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