She regretted paying me for coaching.

Sep 22, 2022 8:01 am

, when I launched my dreamer to doer group coaching program in July, one of the VAs that joined was Chioma.

Weeks into the program, she booked her one on one session with me.

(I do a one-on-one session with each person in the group coaching program just to make sure they're following through and implementing).

At the end of the call she told me how valuable the program has been to her and even confessed that she had regretted paying for the group coaching program because she got a scholarship for the ALX virtual assistant course the week after she paid.

She kept thinking she would have saved 30K if she had delayed a little.

I was in my house happy that people invested in coaching and putting a curriculum together.


I didn't know someone was having major buyer's remorse.


Then the coaching started.

She showed up for calls and asked questions the most.

I guess she wanted to at least get value for her money 😂.

You see, from what I have gathered about the ALX training from Chioma and other VAs who still want coaching after completing the program is this.

The two programs serve two VERY different purposes.

ALX gives you skills, teaches you how to perform tasks and my coaching program covers the business part.

ALX will not teach you how to price your services, package your services. They'll not audit your social media and other digital platforms you need to promote your business.

ALX will not teach you business processes, what to say on your discovery calls, how to handle clients objections etc.

And the Doer to Dreamer group coaching program will not teach you how to use Google workspace, do research or do calendar management.

ALX already helps you out with that. From what I hear, they do a very good job in teaching you HOW to do the work.

Well, I teach you how to market those skills , get clients and build a business 🤗.

Chioma wasn't the only ALX VA in the last cohort.

This cohort, I already have 3 and the spots aren't even filled up yet.

Tomorrow, the registration for my group coaching program will end.

(If you didn't even know it was open since... Sorry 🤗. I decided to send emails to people who signed up to receive my emails in the last 6 months. So I announced it to them last week. And they have taken some seats. I figured you've already made it as a VA that's why you haven't reached out for help since).

Anyways, want one of the seats left?

Click here to pay NGN31,000 once

Click here to pay NGN18,500 to secure your seat now and another NGN18,500 by this time next month to complete it.

Reply this email with SEPTEMBER if you want more details.

Noteworthy: I've been getting on calls back to back this week . I already have 3 scheduled for today so if you'd like to talk first, book it now. I can only do so many calls in a day. I'll send you the details + link when you reply this email with the keyword "SEPTEMBER".