do you have a sacred cow?

Sep 21, 2022 5:01 pm

Today's email is about one of my clients.

Let's call her Karen for privacy.

So Karen was fresh out of university and while she was preparing for NYSC, she stumbled on virtual assistance and got her first client in one week.

She told the client she had zero experience but was willing to learn and they agreed on 15K per month.

She couldn't believe it and was over the moon.

She was out to show the client that she made the right decision so she worked hard and fast.

The client was very impressed and gave her more work.

Fast forward 2 months in.

She no longer felt excited about the work.

Her work load was increasing but there was no corresponding increase in income.

Almost all messages from the client started with "TREAT AS URGENT"

Karen stumbled on my website when her business was 2 months old-ish and signed up for my email course. About 2 weeks after completing the course, she decided to pay for coaching.

When we got on the call, we talked about her business (her business was almost 3 months old at the time).

We realized one of the major problems (there were many!) she had in her business was: no clear scope of work.

So at 15k the client could give her as much or as little work as she liked.

🙄She always gave as much work as possible

Karen was doing everything from replying emails, Canva graphics, Instagram management, research, calendar management etc.

And on two occasions she completed tasks for the client's friend....because the client told her friend her assistant could get it done in no time 🤦🏽‍♀️

It's like this for a lot of VAs

Perhaps when you really needed a client, someone came along and offered you the job of your dreams (at the time).

But now you’ve grown.

You have a lot of experience and expertise.

You want to seek better opportunities but you can’t.


Because you feel like you’d be ungrateful.

I mean, how will you leave a client that hired you when no one else would?

Someone that offered to pay even when you told them you had no experience.

They allowed you to learn with their business.

Someone who took a chance on you.

It doesn’t seem fair.


, what has happened is that they have become a sacred cow.

That’s why you feel you should stay even when they are better options for you out there.

You are afraid to hurt their feelings.

You are friends with their family.

You even know their kids by name and she calls you sis.

So you can’t just up and leave.

I understand,

Things are complicated.

But should it be so?

Are you really not going to step into your full God-given potential because you want to please someone?

From my years of experience helping VAs deal with sacred cow situations like these, I’ve found that more often than not, it’s all in your head.

We overthink and overanalyze things that do not even require that kind of effort.

If anyone truly has your best interest at heart, they’d want you to grow.

They won’t stand in the way of your growth even if it means they’d lose a valuable team member.

They’d support your decision 100% and root for you.

If they really want to keep you, they be willing to pay more or have a reasonable agreement.

If they are mad at even the thought of you leaving, then you shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Managing clients expectations is one thing you'll learn in my 6 weeks group coaching program .

The best thing is to avoid scared cows from the beginning.

Don't worry, if you already have them, I'll help you fire them or make them become normal cows repent.

, the documents and guidance you'll get in the program is constructed to help you.

So even if you don't have 25years experience and a client has to train you, they won't own you.

You get?

It's so important that you show up as an independent contractor.

We all don't want to lose clients and if you're currently struggling to get clients, you are sure you won't fire anyone 😂.

But let's be real.

Sometimes a client might want to let you go because the work isn't aligned, or because the project ended or because they want to evade paying you for work done.

And believe it or not, you might need to fire a client in future.

I'll tell you some reason why you may need to fire clients or be fired by clients.

I'll tell you how to get paid and end your business relationship professionally.

Whatever the reason for your break up with a client, and regardless of who initiates the break up, I'll give you all the tips you need.

All our calls will be recorded LIVE. You can ask questions + keep the recording forever so you can watch as many times as you need to.

Registration ends tomorrow .

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