Should you join this round of group coaching?

Sep 22, 2022 5:01 pm

Hi !

100% of the VAs I talk to want to get into the program.

They know they need coaching.

That's why they send me the keyword SEPTEMBER or even jump on a free clarity call with me.

Some of them want in but the time or money is not right so they decide to join the next cohort.

, the thing with group coaching is that the timing will never be perfect for everyone.

When you are eventually ready, I might not be or I might not have enough people interested. I need at least 5 people to declare interest before I even start marketing it.

So you just have to decide if it is worth it or not (t is currently the most affordable program in the world).

But if you really want to start when you are ready, then go for one on one coaching (starts at 140K) and worth every Kobo.

Anyways, If you've been an OG here you already know I have been wanting to create a VA course for the longest time.

In fact, I am even moving to Zoho cus I want a premium experience for my students.

That should be ready in the first quarter of 2023 (I said first quarter to give myself time 😂)

So depending on how that is going and how much of my time it takes, I might be unable to do another cohort until it launches.

And when it launches, brothers and sisters, that's the end of group coaching.


Whispering: everyone who has been in my one-on-one or group coaching before the launch will get access for like 5K ($10) if they want the course. Course price will start at at least 50K ($100)


So should you join this round of group coaching?

Apart from what I just whispered to you....

Here’s why other new VAs and aspiring VAs have joined…

💫They want to ensure that they don't get underpaid for any service they provide (who likes being underpaid? you?)

💫They want to know how to upsell to clients they already have without constantly looking for new clients because.... Nobody pays you for the time and effort that goes into finding clients all the time.

💫They want to learn how to attract clients year in, year out, through organic marketing without having to run Ads or twerk on social media.

💫They want the flexibility that comes with working from anywhere and working for themselves

💫In short, they like money. They'd like an extra 50K here and 100K there every month.

💫 And so much more.

By joining this round, you’ll have a head start on building a profitable remote business, without watching from the sidelines.

You won't have to wait for months for another opportunity. This might be the last cohort this year.

See ehn, , a lot of work goes into a launch like this. I have to send emails like this, post on social media (I didn't even have time to post for this launch), reply lots of emails with questions, even get on calls with people who want to talk on the phone first, build a sales page that explains everything (moving to Zoho so I couldn't even update the page) + keep up with client work.

Remember I also have VAs I coach one-on-one every single week.

If you wait you'll be leaving money on the table. All the money and/or experience you would have gotten from now until I have time to launch again will go to another VA.

Clients with needs won't wait.

There'll find someone else.

If you join now you won't have to wonder how to do anything in your business without support and guidance from me and other members in the group coaching program.

You'll never underprice your services again!

And don’t forget inside the program, I’ll show you my proven framework of how to handle prospects objections, take them onboard, as well as every tool and skill you need to develop to get and retain clients.

I have a feeling you want this and if that’s the case, join the program now and shorten the time it takes to succeed.

Really want to join but don't have 31K right now?

That's why the payment plan is available.

Pay in Full (NGN31,000)

Pay Part (NGN 18,500)

Send me the keyword SEPTEMBER and I'll give you more details.

Coaching starts on Monday 26th September and registration closes 11:59pm tomorrow!

Don’t miss out on this .

There'll never be a perfect time to spend money.

But it's always a good time to invest in your knowledge.

Looking forward to seeing you in the program.


Scrolled to the bottom? Here's a summary

  1. Registration ends 11:59pm tomorrow
  2. Coaching begins on Monday
  3. Send me the keyword SEPTEMBER if you need more details
  4. Everyone who has been in my one-on-one or group coaching before the launch will get access to my upcoming VA course for like 5K ($10) if they want the course. Course price will start at at least 50K ($100)
  5. The clients and money that would have been yours will go to another VA.

PS: Some people reading this now wrote to me in July to say they'd join the next cohort. If you're one of them, no vex, I couldn't follow up with everyone. I am just one person. Besides, na who shit worry dey find where toilet dey 😂.

This is the cohort you said you were waiting for. Are you going to join or procrastinate again?