Your final lesson and our live Q&A

Jul 26, 2023 12:41 am

In case you missed it (I didn't send an email) -- the final lesson of the course became available last Thursday. This lesson doesn't currently have a video (because I think you've heard me talk enough!) but it does walk you step by step through the process of taking everything we've talked about during this course and creating your 90-Day marketing strategy!

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Our Live Q&A will take place this Thursday, July 27th at 7:00pm CST via Zoom.

If you won't be able to attend the live Q&A, you can submit questions via email ( or through the course discussion board.

You can use the link below, or there is one posted in the class.

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On Friday, you'll receive an email with the link for the recording, some final notes from me, a survey, and access to bonus material (including the Facebook Ads course) as well as an invitation to be an affiliate member of The Inspired Author where you can earn discounted and free one-on-one coaching by sharing our resources with others.

It's been a pleasure being your instructor!

See you in class,