Dear author: Are you focused?

Jul 17, 2023 1:16 pm

Dear Author,

It's the peak of the summer break here in the states, and distractions are every where! Vacations, kids at home, and a to-do list a mile long... If you are choosing to take some time to rest and refuel, then I hope your cup is being refilled.

However, if you are hoping to use this time to move toward your goals and you find yourself distracted or derailed -- you aren't alone. Sometimes, it's just hard to shut off everything else to get done the things you want to, no matter how badly you want them!

Here are few tricks for focus, pulled from our Author Productivity Toolbox:

1) Reduce your screentime. Reducing the time you spend on your phone can have drastic improvement on your attention span! Use tricks like turning your phone to grayscale, adding timers and app blockers, or locking your phone away for parts of the day.

2) Drown out distractions. Grab your noise canceling headphones and pull up some white noise on Youtube to help you get into the zone faster. Sometimes, we don't even realize how much the noise around us is pulling us away from focusing on our goals!

3) Be ruthless in prioritizing. You can't do everything! When the days are busy, choose your Top 3 things to accomplish that day (if you need accountability, send the list to a friend and let them know as you check them off!).



It's been a while since we've sent you all an update, but we've been a touch busy!

Jessica released an incredible new book for romance authors.

Beyond the Beats will teach you:

  • The guiding principles of the romance genre
  • The basic structure and storytelling elements of romance
  • Content expectations
  • Ways to enhance and improve your storytelling

After reading this book, you can be confident that you will have the tools to take your novel from a good book to a book that readers can't put down.


Learn More

´╗┐We also launched a new course this spring. Strategic Marketing for Authors. The first cohort of nearly 25 students is almost complete and the discussions and decisions happening within the context of this course are inspiring!

If you dread marketing or just feel lost or confused by the process and finding something that actually works: Pre-register for this course so you don't miss it!

The next cohort is limited to just 15 students due to the amount of 1-1 it requires from Tara to reply to comments, and give feedback on each homework assignment. Reserve your spot now!

This course is usually $297, but the early bird price is just $197. The next session will start October 8th and includes video lessons, meaningful homework, discussion board, and a live Q&A. You'll walk away with an intentional marketing strategy that works for you with less time and more impact.

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Be on the lookout for these new resources coming from The Inspired Author: Which one are you most excited about? Reply and let us know!

Intro to Facebook Ads for Authors - Coming in August

Romance Character Tropes - Releasing Sept 8th

Plotting with Purpose - Release date TBA

That's all for us this time.

Now go write something inspired!

Tara and Jessica,

Co-founders, The Inspired Author