Don't quit now!

Jul 09, 2023 4:14 pm

Hey there,

We're 5 weeks into this course and if you're anything like me, your motivation and follow-through has started to wane (if it isn't already completely gone).

But I want you to think back to why you signed up for this course.

You WANT to get your arms around a marketing strategy that works for you and your genre. One that gets you moving in the direction of your goals without wasting your time or feeling overwhelmed.

Set aside some time this week to catch up on the course if you are behind. Thursday, the lesson on our FINAL process will release and then next week will be the final lesson on putting it all together.

Our live Q&A is scheduled for 8pm EST on July 27th, so mark your calendars and give yourself time to work through as much of the class as you can before then.

Don't forget to submit any completed worksheets you do -- I HAVE been looking at each of them and emailing comments separately for those who have submitted as well as responding to comments in the course!

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Don't quit now! I'll see you in class!