Once a month or so, I send out a newsletter to my friends (I like to consider anyone who gifts me their email address a friend). It's a great way to keep up-to-date without having to rely on social media algorithms or remembering to check back here.

If you sign up using the form below, then each month you'll get:

  • the latest news: what's been going on with my photography
  • a photo of the month: I have so many photos of artefacts, of people in museums and of heritage in general. Some are already on blog posts or featured in exhibitions, but there are those that are still just squirreled away on my computer. So, you'll be the first people to see some of them. I also hope I'll be able to inspire some of you to get out with your cameras and phones a little more and share your photography with me.
  • something that's inspired me: it's not all about my stuff, is it. Especially considering I'm not much of a 'look at me!' kind of person. So, each month I'll share with you something I've found particuarly interesting or inspiring. It might be an article, a video, a movie, a song or a book. And often it won't even be about Egyptology (yeah, I know ...).
  • a quote: from a photographer or author or all round famous person that's sparked a feeling in me.

It arrives in your inbox during the weekends, so you (hopefully) have a little time to kick back and enjoy it.

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