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Mar 07, 2023 2:02 pm


I hope you are enjoying the month of March so far! This is the first month of 2023 that I'm not sick! Wooh! I also hope that you all are staying healthier than me! LOL


My friend (who also happens to be my critique partner!) published her second book in a Christian Romantic Suspense Duet...TODAY! So be sure to go on Amazon and give it (and her!) some love.

In the Midst of the Darkest Hour


She’s running from her past. He’s seeking vengeance. When their worlds collide, will they be able to forge a future together? Or will their secrets keep them apart?

After disappearing for two years, Lily Cooper returns home broken and pregnant, carrying secrets that will only hurt those she loves. Burying them deep inside, she focuses on creating a future for her child.

Six years later, Lily’s life finally has a semblance of normalcy. Her past is concealed, and her son, Levi, is the light of her life. But when her heart gets entangled with handsome FBI agent Malcolm James, secrets come bubbling to the surface.

After years as an FBI agent, Malcolm James has turned away from God and built walls of steel around his heart. Until Lily Cooper. Her quiet strength and strong faith draw him to her, cracking the walls.

As secrets come to light, they discover their pasts are more intertwined than they knew. Their trust in one another shatters, leaving them picking up the pieces.

When danger strikes Lily and Levi, will Malcolm find the strength to forgive? Or will he allow anger and hurt to harden his heart once again?

In the Midst of the Darkest Hour is book two of the In the Midst Series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

Content Warning: This book may be difficult for some readers. Themes of human trafficking, while not graphic or shown on-page, are dealt with, along with mentions of forced abortion and rape.

Snag it here: In the Midst of the Darkest Hour

β˜•οΈ COFFEE TALK β˜•οΈ

What do you have planned for this upcoming spring? Our neighbor's goats will be having babies, so I foresee a lot of being outside in my future. Ugh. (LOL) I'm not an outdoorsy kind of woman, unless you didn't get that. But my husband and girls all LOVE to be outside, so I guess I'll take one for the team to make them happy!


I am still working on rewrites of Scarlett's Scars and even if it is slow moving, it is still going well. My critique partner has been an incredible help and great encourager, so she gets me even more excited about the story! I'll post more updates as they come to keep you all in the loop and the first to know!


As promised, today I have a free ebook for you. This month happens to be one of my book bestie's novellas! I adore Dulcie and her books and I'm sure you will too!


Kara Kepkey has big dreams of leaving River Hollow and becoming a chef. But when local police officer, Brady Parkins, shows up at her doughnut shop every day for a week straight, his warm presence threatens to derail every one of her carefully laid plans.

Brady Parkins noticed Kara the very first time he returned home from the Police Academy. She's all grown up and everything he never knew he wanted. But when Brady puts his heart on the line, he risks getting it broken by the one girl he imagines he'll never forget.

Can Kara and Brady find a way to be together while still allowing her to pursue her dreams?

You can sign up for her newsletter and snag that free book here:

Sweet Imaginings

I hope you have a fabulous day, week, month, year!

(But I'll pop back in here to stay connected, of course!)