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Apr 06, 2023 2:33 pm



How are you? How is the weather treating you?

Today's email is one I've been itching to send!

I have been working on a few projects over the last few weeks. One of which is in this email that YOU, my dear newsletter subscriber, get to hear about FIRST!

My original story When Forever Comes has been taken down from Story Origin and my website. Why?

Well...because I added almost 10k words and will be publishing it as a novella! It will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in a paperback, and available to read on Kindle Unlimited or buy as an ebook from Amazon!


I don't have a release date, yet. It is currently with some trusted beta readers and I'll be sending it over to my editor in the next week or so. Once all of that is finalized, I'll have a release date (and possible preorder?) ready for anyone who wants it! My book influencer and ARC team will reopen, so I'll send links once those are ready to go if you are interested! I'll also be doing a cover reveal where you will get to see it first!

Now, I realize some people may be upset that I no longer have a FREE novella available BUT...there is a couple from Ruby Falls who have wanted their story told for months.

So I decided I'd write a novelette where my readers could learn...

Drum roll 🥁 please...

Toby and Caroline's LOVE STORY!


It's just a fun little novelette you can read just for being a part of my reader family! It's five chapters long but gives a little backstory to how Ruby Falls's (second) favorite couple got together.

You can get it here!


I have another free book to share with you this month:

The Cowboy's Ranch by Sierra Gamble


Meet the cowboys at Shooting Star Canyon Ranch, the heroes of the Christmas in Shooting Star Canyon series. Each cowboy will have his own story in the series, but you can meet them all now!

You can sign up for her newsletter and snag that free book here:

The Cowboy's Ranch

Hopefully today's email wasn't too long for you, but I just had to share these fun announcements with you, first. If you read Healing Tides I really hope you enjoy it!

Have a fabulous day!