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Oct 01, 2021 2:31 pm


She's got a smart mouth. She's sassy & opinionated & doesn't care what anyone thinks.

And he's crazy about her.

But she's leaving. Just before Christmas...for good.

And there's that little gift in his pocket, for her.

All wrapped up....


Securing Callie's Kiss...


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"the excitement of first love" "they're so adorably nerdy"

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Securing Callie's Kiss

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I realize I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I realized what a firestorm this female is. How irritating she is, and hard to get along with. How she’d rather pick a fight than smooth things out. How generous she is with her opinions—even when they’re unpopular.

Yeah. I’ve wanted this. The press of her belly against mine, the way it moves as she breathes. The softness of her breasts crushed against my chest. They’re hemmed in against me with nowhere else to go.

The way she opens to my kiss. I know I go deep. Fast. We’re in a room full of ancient artifacts, a place that screams the celebration of the rare and the unique.

But in my arms is the one thing that’s actually rare, and one of a kind. I finally have what I’ve desired in my grasp.

Callie and me…it’s been my Christmas wish.

But as she takes a breath, in the back of my mind, still, runs the question. What's all this old stuff in this room, that we're surrounded by? Callie was hunting down ancient artifacts. Is any of it valuable? And...

...what if someone walks in on us, making out...for the very first time?


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Find out what happens between Emerson and Callie.

Oh, and what's all the stuff. IS it valuable?

And does Callie decide..

...not to leave Thackeray College?

I want Emerson and Callie's Story. GIMME!

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In the STEAMY, College Romance world of Thackeray College....



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Hey There, Friend. How are you? Have you been crazy busy like me this week?

I've had an intense day working on my catalogue, and then my choir (outside, properly distanced and masked) met tonight, to sing in a friend's backyard.

And, well, I had to go for that! Right? We've only just started meeting again...barely!


And no. No eggs were thrown by the neighbors, in the listening of our singing!

Could have had something to do with the professional music track that drowned us out...

Kidding. Kidding. I'm punchy. It's late!

Please enjoy the picture of my local farmer's market, too...


(But oh, aren't they inventively displayed? Actually love they way they did that...)

Are you crazy for farmer's markets too? I have a thing for them. And tomorrow morning is our weekly one...

Anyway, on to letting you know about my fellow author's release, too!


The next 2 novellas are HERE!

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Love at First Kiss Steamy College World!


ONE MORE KISS by Tara Settembre Ocampo

When English major April kisses her mortal enemy under the stars, she can’t believe how right it feels. Hot track star Chase is just another player, and she’s not willing to be part of his games. But that second kiss just might change her mind.



Antiquities major Emerson has a plan, and it doesn’t include falling for Callie, the bold, headstrong girl majoring in ancient languages. But when one of her class projects turns dangerous, he’s the only one who can help her. And when they kiss, he knows she’s as much a part of his life as the job that’s waiting for him after graduation.


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