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At Christmas.


Securing Callie's Kiss

with a protector hero...

and a feisty, take no prisoners heroine!


An Excerpt!

Securing Callie's Kiss

~Releasing September 29!~

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“Hey, Em! You going to the Christmas thing at the quad tonight?”

Brady Hale and Amerie Clinton amble by in the dark, all wrapped up in thick coats and scarves. I stand outside the library, leaning on a decorative lamppost, the red and green bulbs on it blinking, the snow thick on it. Brady grins at me as he pulls red-cheeked Amerie closer, and she giggles as she tries to get me to come. “There’ll be egg nog, and don’t forget the secret Santa bit. Can’t have too much Christmas, right?”

I nod and smile, glad to see them. Nice couple, and they’ve been through a bit to get to that happy state. I yell back. “Not tonight. I’ll catch another celebration. Have fun!”

It’s almost nine, and I haven’t seen Callie exit the building yet.

We’ve all heard over and over, for the last little while, how the study area has to be vacated early tonight so that the place is fully cleared for the contractor’s team to come in, early the next day. I know, too, that Callie’s closing duties—especially the way she discharges them so efficiently—had to have been done long ago. Ms. Thornberry has already left, clip-clopping to her car, then most likely, home.

Yet even from this vantage point, where I see the front door of the building clearly, she hasn’t emerged. I know for a fact she never goes out the back way—it’s too dark, even on a friendly campus like this.

Where the hell is she?

I’m not going to Pizza My Heart for my nightly slice with Matt, my roomie, or anywhere else for that matter, until I see she’s safe. If anything happened to her, I couldn’t handle it. Weirdly, she’s such a big part of my life without actually being part of it.

Except for all those fantasies…

Her image spears into my mind. Intelligent eyes, with the light deep in them. If I look at her long enough, hold her gaze, it always flashes. That quirky mouth, the one that spouts arguments more than gentle platitudes. The one I want to shut up, in most interesting, inventive ways.

And then...

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And find out...what happens? Is Callie okay?

Does he save her?

And does she realize...he's in love with her??


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*Releasing in twoooo weeks!*

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Love at First Kiss Steamy College World!


A THOUSAND WORDS by Rebecca Norinne

When a cash-strapped rugby player signs up for a “stranger photo shoot” to earn money to fix his car, he never expects his partner to be the gorgeous girl he’s been secretly crushing on for weeks. But when the photographer directs them to kiss for the camera, he knows she feels it, too.

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HIS LITTLE SECRET by Aubree Valentine

When senior English major Keegan lands a coveted TA position, he’s thrilled. But then sophomore Brooke slides into his office, ratcheting up the temperature and sending all of his blood south. But this isn’t just lust. Because when he’s with Brooke, it feels a lot like love. And when they kiss, he knows it’s the real deal. 

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