Brandy Golden


The lure of an Arizona ghost town and an introduction to popular Western writer, Dillon Westover, finally convinced Dusty Dickensen to come to the aid of her identical twin sister. Dillon was her sister's fiancé, but there seemed to be trouble in paradise, so Dusty had responded to Amanda's call for help in getting away from an abusive situation.

It wasn't long before Dusty realized she had once again been duped and hung out to dry when her sister skipped town and left her with Dillon and his children. When she decided to get to the bottom of why her sister would actually run away, Dusty quickly found that being Amanda had some real disadvantages. Just like in their childhood days, Dusty had to take her sister’s licks!
To make matters worse, she soon found herself falling in love with her twin’s fiancé! How long could she keep up the charade? And what would happen if Dillon caught on?

It only took about eight hours for Dillon Westover to realize that Amanda was not his Amanda. After a little research, he discovered the truth but decided to keep it to himself and see how long these sisters would play him for a fool. And when the charade was finally over, someone was going to get spanked!

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