Monetize your content strategy

Turn digital traffic into tangible revenue.

Most content strategies fail.

You create content, you publish it and yet over time, the needle doesn't move.

Your content has no impact on organic search traffic and you're not seeing any new business from it. I'd like to help you change that.

I've spent 10 years working in B2B marketing and using my experience, I've built a successful and scalable process that has worked for all of my clients in the SaaS community - companies that work with CRM, marketing automation, asset management, project management and customer engagement software.

It's a process that has helped my clients turn digital traffic into tangible revenue.

To date, my content has earned more than 12 million views and driven more than $8 million in new business revenue.

And I know my process can work for you, too.

From a business perspective, it means you no longer have to chase new leads and convince people to buy.

Instead, content becomes the engine that drives demand for your product or service. You get higher quality leads, shorter sales cycles and faster growth.

Every second Wednesday, I'll send you a short email (1-2 minute reading time) where I share my exact process, key learnings and mistakes I've made along the way. Plus, I'll share tips on how you can leverage content for your SEO and lead generation strategies.

What's the catch?

No catch. I'm not selling any service, there's no funnel, no course, no E-book... heck, there's not even a website to send you to. It's just a short weekly email where I share things I've learned/ am learning along the way.

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  • The 3 most under-used content formats that every marketer seems to forgets about
  • How to create content so good that your biggest competitors have to link to your website

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