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Jan 24, 2021 12:56 am

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This get-together will be livestreamed to and will be stored in the BraveNewLife section for watching later if you miss the "live event" get-together watch-party.🥳


We will join in Zoom for about 30 minutes or so because I want to share a little bit around the below. AFTER THAT we will meet here:

The Timeless Tale of Your own Hero's Journey

(from the course)

What if you could access a remembering of relating to Life, to Story, to your own Self and others’ and their journey that is part of our Ancient Memory Codes that have been “turned off” or forgotten in how to apply these knowings of “relating”? 


What if you could access a form of relating to Story that is intrinsic to our human nature’s way of living in syntropy with Life, making use of the function in Story?

What if accessing these codes could return to you your natural compass for navigation and activate the intricate biometric that was hidden from you due to the entropic programming you’ve been operating under?

Story in every culture has been recorded and shared for a beautiful biodiversity of reasons going well beyond the continuing of passing over “cultural heritage” contrived within the oral traditions of a People. That is if cultural heritage is understood to be something more than what the western mind has brought it down into; called his-story. Cultural heritage -is- Story and it is vastly more superior and vastly more relevant than any history book or historical narrative can ever deliver on if properly received and related to.

Because all of Life is bound by #Syntropy, so is story-telling as an expression of Life through human form. It is shared for growth. Every story, song, poem or movie is shared for growth, both personally and collectively, whether those sharing know this or not.

Due to cultural conditioning (programmed forgetfulness) on how to relate to Story for our own growth, almost every person who has written or is carrying a story about “other”, the world, people, that person this, this person that, whether in opinions, poems, thesis’s or even business model proposals has likely not made effective use of the syntropic function of their story for their own personal growth and self-liberation, self-completion.

This has to do with the cult programming and the resulting false narratives that have conditioned humanity to focus on the “changing of the external world” instead of listening to the story originating from the internal landscape of ourselves and seeking to complete the Hero’s Journey within.

We can see this externalised programmed form of relating to Life as a significantly slow form of growth often leading to the adoption of more complex spiritualised/ self help coping mechanisms instead of resolving the internally (still) unresolved, from which freedom and thus even more pure “solutions” want to be brought into being.

Shining light on this subject, hidden from general public awareness, I feel is extremely relevant. In "the ultimate Story of You" I share Personal Story Processes that reveal the magnificent potential for internal growth that is accessible when we “invert” our stories’ focus placed onto the external world, often expressed as some form of projection or judgment.

I share my insights into the powerful potential that is contained in journeying through archetypal relating to Self and “other” on the Life Journey we each are on.

I put great emphasis on becoming aware of the immense purposeful function for growth that is available through comprehending the syntropic dynamics of the “Timeless Story of the Hero’s Journey”.

Seemingly forgotten, intrinsic self-knowing only hidden and dismembered. Re-membering.

What is veiled to so many in our human family is how to make use of the function of Story in our Life for our own and our collective growth. In these processes, I have found extremely potent forms of personal story sharing that can help you reveal to you, truths about yourself that you could miss entirely if you didn’t have a syntropic “inversion capacity” through which you relate to your own stories. Yes, you have to remember (capacity to invert programmed ways of relating to perceived reality) how to relate to Life and the living strategies it operates on in order to be able to make effective use of its presented functions for internal growth.

Our story-based processes are experience-based and thus far only work when engaged in without pre-conceived knowledge of the eventual outcome. Once understood how it works, and how transformative the “inversion tools” are that we are bringing forth through our University, you regain a natural ability to let your body become your own greatest ally, teacher, and self liberator. You become able to make use of the function of your dreams, your desires for the world, your perceived mission, and anything outside of yourself that you have a different, more holistic vision for.

I strongly encourage you to watch the timeless Tale of the Hero’s Journey called "Finding Joe" documentary to familiarise yourself with the powerful potential for growth that comprehending “the Hero’s Journey” can bring into your Life. We have found that it is a process that never ceases to live through each human being until complete self-realisation or full redemption occurs. And even then growth and the expression thereof in our ability to articulate, comprehend or express ourselves keeps refining, renewing, and consolidating itself. Naturally, all of this is because Life is wired for living and growing for such is the Syntropic Nature of Life. When applied onto the human ecosystem and the internal landscape of oneself revelations from Self to Self can be accessed daily.

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I share openly with anyone genuinely interested in tending to their inner garden. It is all by donation and made freely available as I only share around what was naturally yours from the beginning. I am just sharing with you how to uncover the intrinsic self knowings and restoring their proper use and function by sharing through and from three interlinked fields of Syntropy, Self Sovereignty, and Self Love.

May you benefit in abundance from what the reseeding of this mindsong brings about in your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

In Grace and Aroha,


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PS: I have created a group circle for relating with others who are on this course of navigating the internal landscape on Please if you haven't yet, make an account so that you can share from your own experience with others as we each navigate the coming wave of remembering our innate and natural abilities in navigating the internal landscape based on syntropy in our human ecology.



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