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Sep 18, 2021 7:36 pm


Sorry about that horrible subj line --> AKA Newsletter Template - Sept! Not sure what was happening in my brain. Too much dopamine? :-D

I hit #2 in all of Amazon Free Books!


Did you all see that His Hand-Me-Down Countess hit #2 in all of Amazon Free Books?! Woo hoo! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded it this month for free and gave it so much love! I'm excited because now even more readers will have the chance to discover my Lustful Lords. :-D

Okay, happy dancing over. Ha! Now let's talk about something way less exciting, but equally important. Whitelisting. What? What's that? Whitelisting is what you do for email addresses you want to always receive emails from. Now, you don't have to whitelist say your mom or your kids, because those are personal email addresses and your email services recognizes that.

But, to get emails from corporate entities or say an author, you need to tell your email service that emails from this person or organization are important to me and I want to receive them. You do that by whitelisting the email address that the emails normally come from. This keeps those emails out of spam or if you use Google, the promotions folder.

Hopefully you want to do this for me, so I've provided some instructions on how to do it that way you won't miss any of my emails! Here are some handy instructions.

I am making progress on Book 5, but it is slow going. Once I have some cleaned up bits I'll share them with you.

I also want to tell you about a fantastic book fair happening online right now featuring lots of FREE and $0.99 books! The best part, these are not linked to newsletter sign-ups. Just click and download or buy for less than a dollar!


I Want Free Books!

That's it for now! This has been a little long, and I still have some other books I want to share with you below, so Flash says hi!


imageA blind witness. An arrogant duke. And the most notorious serial killer in history.

The formidable Alexander Foster, Duke of Carrington has never given much thought to the woman who lives in the cottage at the edge of his property until she shows up in his parlor, rain-soaked and demanding he do something about the murder she just witnessed. He doesn’t know whether to be irritated or amused by the lithe beauty’s interruption.

It has long been rumored that the third Danvers daughter, Mia, died in a riding accident at the tender age of fifteen. In truth, she’s been secretly living at the edge of the Carrington estate for the past nine years. Though she and the Duke have lived on the same land, their paths haven’t crossed, until they must work together to stop London's must infamous villain.

Despite her blindness, Mia is determined to help track down the culprit in the murder she witnessed, even though the only person willing to accept her help is the arrogant Duke of Carrington. However, as they work together, passion sparks between them.

Their investigation leads them closer to the killer, but in doing so, Mia herself becomes a target. Alex is hell-bent on protecting her himself, especially when the mounting evidence seems to be suggesting the killer just might be closer than either expected.

Click Here!

image“The curse is upon us! Beware the bagpipes! Each clansman shall meet his death!”

Whenever the fearsome fetch of Camdyn Dalreagh, first chieftain, plays a ghostly rendition on the bagpipes, a death is close at hand... so legend goes.

But is the story of the curse really true?

Through the ages, Castle Dunrannoch has been a place of intrigue, ambition, and more than the occasional murder!

As the Christmas snow falls deep, our two intrepid heroines, Flora and Ursula, face danger within the ancient fortress walls.

Can they discover the truth before their loved ones meet a grisly end?

Two things are certain.

No lionhearted lady can turn a blind eye when there is a mystery to be solved.

And no laird's heart is safe when our heroines sweep into action.

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imageA bonny pretender and a handsome imposter… Can love overcome a double deception?

She’s pretending to be someone she’s not…

Brigid MacNaughton can outshoot any lad in the Highlands with a firearm or bow and easily scare away the most amorous suitor. When she is packed off to London to “smooth her rough edges,” Brigid vows to turn this punishment into an adventure. She’ll master the rules of society, become the perfect English miss to placate her family, then return to the Highlands and her old life with a clean conscience-unattached. Until she falls in love with a quiet, self-possessed Englishman who believes her ruse. Brigid must decide whether to take a chance and reveal her true self or walk away from the one man who stirs her passion.

His entire life is based on a lie…

When the malicious Lord Raines dies, Frank becomes viscount and vows to fill his mother’s last years with joy. He embraces the title and rejoices in his freedom from a tyrant father. But his mother’s deathbed confession shatters his world. After a year enduring the loneliness and questioning the betrayal, he journeys to London to find a wife and learn more about his real father. When Frank meets Brigid, a beguiling and soft-spoken Scot, he’s instantly smitten.

If he divulges his scandalous parentage, will she still fall willingly into his arms?

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Whitelisting Instructions