It's Release Day for His Wanton Marchioness!

Jun 23, 2021 6:56 pm

It's release day! Woo hoo!

In case you missed any of my other trillion emails about this book. Today is the day to grab your copy. :-)

Also, if you have pre-ordered or buy your copy today, please know that any star ratings or reviews--just a line or two!--is helpful to other readers who may not have read my books before. I really appreciate your support.

imageShe waited her entire life to be married, and she refuses to let anyone interfere with her happiness…not even her new husband.

Elizabeth Grafton, the Marchioness of Carlisle just married the man of her dreams. Or he was. Now, he barely spends time with her. But most disturbing, he comes to her bed under the cloak of darkness—the man won't even light a candle!—and insists she keep her nightgown on until he leaves. 

Alexander Grafton, the Marquess of Carlisle is deeply, madly in love with his wife. But, he wants to do things to her that a man could only do to his mistress. He's struggling to keep his baser instincts in check, and that was before his wife decided to seduce him. If she knew what he really wanted…she'd run away. 

Armed with "professional" advice, Elizabeth sets out to thwart all of her husband's best intentions and show him just how shameless she can be. Can her wanton nature tempt her husband, or will he win their battle of wills?

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Short and sweet today!