ICYMI: Horse Drawn Vacuum Cleaners?

May 01, 2021 6:59 am


Book Updates & More!

Hello ,

I hope this month's newsletter finds you well. I'm doing great. I have gotten my first dose of the Moderna vaccine, and I will be getting the second dose early next month. I'm so ready to get out of the house for more than groceries and take out.

I have been using my time wisely and doing all the writerly things. First off, I have hit pause on Book 5. Wait! Don't be upset. I promise it's coming. But I wanted to give you something sooner this year rather than later. So...I am writing a novella in the Lustful Lords world. It's really a prequel sort of.

I'm finally telling Lizzy and Carlisle's story!


I know! I know! This is exciting! I'm excited! I'm already close to halfway through and I am really enjoying the story. So, expect a new release around late June. I will of course do a cover reveal and pre-order for everyone, so never fear. That's it for now until next month.

Happy Reading!



Flash's Corner


Hello Again! It's me Flash. So mommy told you all the news. Book 5 is on hold. And I've heard this novella does NOT have a cat in it. I'm very disappointed. I might lodge a formal complaint with the mew-nion. Smh.

I did hear that Lady Marie Heartfield makes an appearance in this new cat-less novella she's writing and we get all the juicy details about how Lizzy and Carlisle worked out their challenges. I'm thinking it will be a pretty decent story despite it's deficiencies.

Other than that, I've been very busy with my snacks, naps, and of course bringing gifts of lizards home to mommy. She's very hard to please, but I am determined to find just the right lizard to make her happy. Mew, mew, mew!




Fact: Apparently one of the earliest vacuum cleaners was so big it was pulled form house to house and the hoses were stuck through doors and windows to clean the room. And worst of all? The debris was caught in a big glass jar so your neighbors could see just how filthy your house was. Ha! Ha! Ha!