Pumpkin or chocolate cream?

Nov 18, 2022 7:33 pm

Hello Darlings!

I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving with my family next week, and I'm faced with an impossible decision - should I make a pumpkin or chocolate cream pie?

Do you have a favorite pie recipe?

This year, Jack is taking off work the day before Thanksgiving. I think I told y'all this already, but I'm SO EXCITED. We're going to do some baking and of course, I will be posting pictures on my Facebook page, so please make sure you're following me there.

In other news, I'm hard at work on my new surprise story for y'all - THE VAMPIRE WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS.

This is a short story that you will receive for FREE as a thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, so hang tight. My goal is to have it to you before next weekend. :)

Drop me a line and let me know what kind of pie you love!



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