[NEW EPISODE] Creative Ways to Profit from Your Passion with Chris Myles

Sep 03, 2020 3:13 am

Are you interested in starting a blog or YouTube channel? Do you enjoy creating content?

Uncertainty can sometimes get the best of us when we try to do what we love to do and monetize it. Making huge shifts and transitions is a scary experience. However, we will never know how far something can take us without making that big leap.

How can you jumpstart your journey to profit from your passion? And how can you find more ways to do what you love?

For Chris Myles, the first step was to invest in himself.

Chris joins us on the Seek Go Create podcast to talk about his transition from having a regular job to starting his online business. He talks about his various income streams, such as affiliate marketing and sponsorships. Chris also shares his failures and experience and why it is essential to invest in yourself.

Something I especially enjoyed about our conversation—and I think will tremendously benefit you—are the tips Chris shared with us on monetizing your passions by starting your blog or YouTube channel.

If you want to learn how to monetize your passions, make sure to listen to the full episode on our website or your favorite podcast platform.

To growing and becoming all we are created to be,