[NEW EPISODE] How Can We Find Peace in the Middle of Chaos?

Mar 09, 2022 4:51 pm

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with your everyday responsibilities? 

Keeping up with your health, profession, and other duties while dealing with uncertainty is difficult in our fast-paced environment. As such, we have little to no time for relaxation. More and more people are developing burnout and anxiety that can lead to depression. All things considered, it would appear that we are simply no match for this world’s demands.

Despite what hustle culture teaches us, relaxation is still a crucial aspect of self-improvement….and life.

There are many distractions in the digital and physical world, but we must find stillness and calm within ourselves to discover real love and faith. 

In this episode of Seek Go Create, Tim shares what his past financial struggles taught him about peace. He also talks about the importance of rest and how it relates to discovering love and faith. Finally, he discusses his own opinions on peace and finding it in the religious community.

Jesus came to this world to give us rest. With a little help from Him, we can learn to let go of our fears and worries and find peace.

If you seek tranquility amid the daily grind, make sure to listen to the full episode on our website or your favorite podcast platform.

To growing and becoming all we are created to be,