[NEW EPISODE] Mastering Engaging Conversations: Why Learning How to Be a Good Listener Matters with Tim Cosby

Oct 27, 2021 4:51 pm

Are you a leader in your field who wants to engage and connect more with the people around you? 

Being a leader entails more than knowing everything. You have to understand that you can’t offer solutions to everyone all the time. Directing people to what they should or could do is perhaps one side of the coin. But with humility, you have to accept that people also need to be heard. And a good leader provides this space to listen and ask questions, to engage and empower others. 

Tim Cosby is an expert in organizational culture and employee retention in business. But he’s also a coach who equips people to master engaging conversations and enhance their leadership. For him, engaging conversations are what makes a productive environment. 

Tim joins us on the Seek Go Create podcast to discuss the proper way of coaching as a leader, the power of listening and asking questions, and the value of faith in business. 

Here, he expounds on how being a leader means coaching people by listening to what they have to say. This also involves asking them good open-ended questions that could keep conversations engaged. It is in these two-way conversations that relationships are strengthened and impactful changes are made.  

Additionally, Tim shares how he deals with the emergence of his faith in his business. For him, his business is his ministry. Through listening to what God has to say, he recognizes himself as a conduit in bringing forth what is true. And he wants other people to learn this too. We can acknowledge our neighbors by listening and meeting them where they are rather than forcing things to be how you want them or expect them to be. 

Do you want to learn more on how to properly coach as a leader and allow yourself and those around you to grow? Then be sure to listen to the full episode on our website or your favorite podcast platform.

To growing and becoming all we are created to be,