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Nov 07, 2020 1:03 am

October was a HUGE month for SeekGoCreate and you were a big part of that success. This report will give you a short, focused glimpse into all the happenings and highlights. 

Summary: What We Are Excited About

  • October was the One Year Anniversary of the SeekGoCreate Podcast
  • The SeekGoCreate YouTube channel was launched on October 1.
  • The SeekGoCreate Store is now LIVE. Get cool merch HERE
  • Earn rewards to get free stuff by sharing with friends/coworkers...see the bottom of this email.
  • Download numbers increased 346% (not a typo) during the month of October! THANK YOU for listening and subscribing.
  • India and the United States are now our top countries. Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Kuwait and France round out the Top 10.


You Should Check This Out 

Rashawn Copland was shot and left for dead. He was a hype man for Soulja Boy (search him on YouTube). And he has over 20 million followers across his social media platforms. But more than anything, he considers himself an online pastor that “makes love go viral.” 

Listen to the “viral” episode here.

Get Ready For This: Coming Soon 

  • Maximizing Your Wealth Potential Through Intentional Living with Caleb Guilliams
  • How to Take Personal Responsibility of Your Own Success with Glen Dunzweiler
  • Developing the Next Big Dating App with the Savvy Team
  • Finding Your Freedom from Within with Quan Huynh
  • PLUS in December we will be featuring Our SGC Family...Dulce, Hunter, JK and Glori.

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Tim Winders 

“Just listened to your episode for making love go viral with Rashawn Copeland. Loved it. Thank you. Exactly how I feel and I am more than ever on fire to inspire….” ~Laura P.