Focus - The SeekGoCreate Report // New Year Edition

Jan 01, 2021 10:06 pm

2020 is finished. Done. Over.

I trust that you made it through unscathed and are ready for a new year. Maybe a fresh start? Some may want to make small adjustments or tweaks. But others may be looking for an entire do-over.

Which group are you in?

Glori and I are finishing up the year in Southern Utah and depending on current events we may just stay here for a few more weeks...or months.

We are hopeful that travel will be more open as the year progresses so that we can start up the RV and move around. Current plans are to explore Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota as the weather gets warmer. If you know of any cool spots in those areas, let us know.

Let’s all agree that 2021 will be a great year!

Now let’s is your report.

Summary: What We Are Excited About

  1. We are giving away more stuff ===> our first giveaway of 2021 starts today. Go HERE and see how you can win a one year subscription to a really cool Bible app I have been using for over a year now. And stay tuned for more giveaways.
  2. The SeekGoCreate YouTube channel is growing, but we need more subscribers. If you have subscribed - THANK YOU. If not, please go there now and subscribe. There are 45 videos from our top episodes plus more being added each week. Go check it out.
  3. Download numbers for the podcast increased 97% during the last month and they continue to grow. I am excited and amazed by the growth we are seeing.

You Should Check This Out

Our December episodes were so much fun to record. Interviewing your children and your wife can be more of a challenge than interviewing celebrities and business tycoons. I learned so much and it was a joy to just ask questions and listen.

Go listen to all the episodes, but if you have never met my wife Glori, you need to hear her interview from December 21. She hesitates when I ask her to share on the show, but when she agrees to join us it is always powerful. You will enjoy her reflecting on the year 2020, reminiscing about some of our family holiday traditions and preparing for 2021.

Listen to this episode here.

Get Ready For This: Coming Soon

We plan to continue the momentum from last year with our interviews and episodes. The next 4 episodes will stretch you and help you prepare for the new year.

Check out these topics and guests:

  1. Understanding God’s Design with Jessie Lee Perez
  2. Establishing Your Calling: Kingdom-Focused Business and Women in Leadership with Cherice Stoltzfus
  3. How Do We Seek God in Everything with Mike Thakur
  4. Restoring Nations Through Reconstructing Work in Ministry with Mark Appleyard

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Thank you for connecting with us as we “Redefine Success in Leadership, Business and Ministry”.

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Be ALL that you were created to be AND have a fantastic 2021,

Tim Winders

Self-Discoveries in Motherhood During COVID-19 with Dulce Irving

Youtube Comment from UV - Thank you! As an artist and mother myself it’s been inspiring connecting with a wider community through motherhood and keeping going with my independent music. We need more examples of empowered parents like this around the world!