[NEW EPISODE] Defining Leadership with Jennifer Thornton

Feb 23, 2022 9:11 pm

What do you think makes a good leader?

Good leadership is not reflected through money, titles, or accomplishments. Instead, it is seen through courageous steps of facing challenges and initiating progress. Learn to utilize your strengths and experiences in leadership.

Leading is not as easy as giving orders. Your team isn’t meant to simply follow instructions. Though it may be a part of it, you will soon learn that there is a right balance between direction and collaboration. With good leadership, you can make an impact on your business by facilitating a healthy work environment for your team. 

In this new episode of Seek Go Create, Jen Thornton joins us to talk about her experiences in leadership and what she learned from them. A skilled leader, Jen shares her insights on what it means to be an effective and progressive leader today. She shares her story on how questioning the system can kickstart progress and change for a better future.

One thing that particularly struck me during our interview—and I think will tremendously benefit you— is Jen’s insights about the addiction of being right. No one wants to be wrong. But as you’ll learn from this episode, there is a benefit to being open to conversation. 

If you’re a leader who wants to continuously improve your leadership skills, make sure to listen to the full episode on our website or through your favorite podcast platforms.

To growing and becoming all we are created to be,