SEED Inc (Students for Education and Economic Development)


Discover our BEST community outcomes — so that you effectively repair whatever’s broken.

::Even if nothing has worked out before::

If our fight for FREEDOM isn’t a source for everyday inspiration,

If mastering our best LIFE isn’t the focus now,

If The First Work (Black-Life-Survival) isn’t our #1 TOP PRIORITY for 2020 (and beyond!)


Peace is the vision.

Absolute reconciliation through ATONEMENT.

That’s why we must start where we’ve been broken most.


SEED Inc stands on truth by declaring a Life of Legacy

Starting with the basics - our Black families & community lifestyle

In this hour of immeasurable transformation

With the daily increase in “senseless gun violence” and murder

ripping into our communities, from California to New York and locally, and every single stop between...

Our young Black people have been tricked into becoming


casual killers,

destroyer of our future,

extinguishers of the precious LIFE of their own kind;

good” or “bad”

baby or elder,

gang affiliated or not

Wholesale death is the (dis)order of our day.

The SEED Inc initiatives we offer help you to replace America’s culture of death with life-giving principles tailored to the needs

of your True Self, as an Original Black man and woman.

(*read: The Indigenous, darker people of our planet)

What’s the point of our presence here on Earth if we continue to

refrain from doing what we’re called to do?

Let’s justify or existence AND

❌ end the use of bullets to squash an internal issue

❌ end the belief in a lie that holds us trapped in death cycles

❌ end the death-cycles and interrupt the unacceptable reflex

of “business as usual” in the face of our ongoing tragedies

Wanna join us?

The Good Fight for our Freedom calls YOU!


SEED Inc. is a 💯 Boots on the Ground operation.

We invite you to opt into effective Abundant Black Life outcomes.


For your ”War On Murder Begins” access to

our Grand Unveiling event, this October 2022.

Plus, you can expect the under-siege tactics you need to

overcome our most devastating community challenges now.

Because as we continue to play witness to the after effects

of the ongoing chaos, only the correct response will guarantee

our (unstoppable) rise.

Let’s Stand Correct, family!


— Exchange the work of worry for the wonder of healing —

An elevated moment of HEALING with our

Gold Star Families Mother, Sister Gloria Peoples.


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