First Contact

Aug 01, 2020 3:01 am

Evening Dram

dram /dram/ - noun:

"An amount of whisky that is equally pleasing to both the person serving it and the person consuming it".

What to know:

What we're sipping:

Auchentoshan 12yr

region: Lowland


nose: tarry, ashy

palate: dark chocolate, sweet

finish: ginger, light and lingering nuttiness

This was my third scotch I tasted. Yuge fan. Seriously, I could sip on this all day. Floral notes on the nose. Sweet, vanilla notes. Delicious well after the last sip. Taste stays with ya if you know what I mean.

Rated a score of 90 on distiller app

Take a load off 🥃,

—The Dram Fam

P.S. we do drink while writing this.

P.S.S currently learning machine learning by creating a scotch whiskey recommendator. Is that a word?