A big thank you, and March update.

Mar 01, 2023 9:01 am



Hello again from Sydney. And welcome to any new subscribers wherever you are in the world.

I wanted to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who bought my latest novella - The Last Goodbye - and making the launch such a huge success! I’m very blessed to have so many readers enjoy my work.

The last few weeks have seen me busily working on the rebrand of my witch-themed books – editing, rewriting the book descriptions, researching for covers. It’s not as much as fun as writing new things but it's still an enjoyable process to revisit my earlier books and give them a new lease of life. I’ll be releasing them under a different pen name and I’ll let you know the details nearer the time. I bought the domain name for the new website just this morning!

The audio version of Out of the Ashes is almost ready to go – now I’m just procrastinating releasing it, although I do still need to work out how best to launch it. It will be available from all audio bookstores and when the weather finally cools down enough for me to venture back into my Harry Potter recording studio under the stairs, I’m planning to start on the next one. I’m not quite sure which one to do next, probably Another Time and Place, but if you have any preferences, please let me know.

I’ll be heading home to England for a couple of weeks in mid March. It’s been three years since I last went back (just before the pandemic hit) and I’m ridiculously excited to see my family and English friends again. Unfortunately, Mr G. can’t come because of work commitments, so it’s just me this time, but I can’t wait. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I’ll be posting some photos of my adventures.

What I’m reading – The Year of the Witching

I’ve recently been reading a lot of witch-themed books. I guess it’s where my head is at, with the rewrites and everything. This book has been out a while and it’s not at all what I expected. Beautifully written, it explores the marginalisation of women in an imagined patriarchy that is not so unlike our own. Sort of The Handmaid’s Tale with supernatural elements. It took a while to get into, but I’m glad I persisted. Well worth the read.

PS. I'm planning to pick up some non-witchy books for the loooong plane trip home! If you have any recommendations please do drop me a line.

What I’m watching – The Makanai

You may know that I spent some years working in Japan – it’s where I met Mr G., so I have a soft spot for all things Japanese. But this series is really special. Set in Kyoto it follows the story of a teenage girl who becomes the cook for a house of trainee Geisha. Sweet, wry and perceptive, it’s the kind of TV that the Japanese do perfectly.

Here are the links to my books. Have you read them all?

Another Time and Place

The Officer's Affair

Out of the Ashes

The King James Men

Till next time - happy reading!

Kind regards