If you live in a region with a cool spring, you can plant celery

Mar 27, 2021 7:36 pm

If you live in a region with a cool spring, you can plant celery. You can start with grocery-store celery!


How To Grow Celery From Seed, Starts And Scraps

For crisp stalks full of flavor, read these tips for how to grow celery. You’ll want to ensure it isn’t watery, bitter or too stringy.

Beginners should start by growing from grocery store celery. Experienced gardeners can grow from seeds or starts.

With fresh potting soil, it grows well in pots and containers. You can also grow celery in water.

A cool weather crop, it has a low tolerance for heat. This makes it ideal to grow as a:

  • Summer crop in the far northern states
  • Fall crop in the central states
  • Winter crop in the south

Celery grows best in climate zones 4 – 10. Whatever your climate, you’ll need patience. It’s a slow-growing vegetable with a long growing season. It takes four and a half months to grow.

Celery is a biennial grown as an annual. It’s scientific name is Apium graveolens. It’s part of the parsley and carrot family. Read more...