Best Ways to Get Rid of Possums and Other Pests

Sep 25, 2020 10:16 pm

Best Ways to Get Rid of Possums and Other Pests

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Possums Depending on where you live, pests are inevitable. When they are attacking your crops, you need to act fast. Below are some of the best ways to get rid of possums and other menaces.

Animal Control Tips ~ Yard Pests

Lock down your trash can lids

Pick up fruits and nuts

Squirrels - Walnuts and acorns

Coyotes - Mice and squirrels

Deer - Hostas, clover, leafy shrubs and bushes

Moles - Grubs

Rabbits - Clover, berry bushes and berry trees

Raccoons - Grubs and trash

Skunks - Grubs

Turkey - Grass, insects and berries

Eliminate hiding places

Let your dogs out and let them play in your yard.

Cut your grass

Eliminate clover from your lawn. Rabbits and deer love clover.

Use a closed compost bin tumbler if it contains food scraps. Odors attracts pests

Plastic owls and predators scare off rodents

Spread predator urine: coyote urine, fox urine or wolf urine

Kill the grubs in your lawn

Use fencing

Motion activated sprinklers

Traps...catch them and either dispose or release them

Use sturdy metal traps

Use traps with a metal plate under the handle

Wear kevlar gloves

Check local wildlife preserves to see if they will take them or if you can release them there.

Release animals a minimum of 10 miles away. Their ability to find there way back is remarkable.

Always clean the trap after each use with a bleach solution to eliminate scents that will scare off the next pest you want to trap.

Install a chimney cap

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