You should quit your startup. πŸ’£ by Adrian

Dec 16, 2021 6:01 pm

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No one wants what you're building. You're doing too much and I think you should stop. ~ My friend

If words were weapons, that statement was a samurai sword straight to my heart.

It was 1 AM. My friend and I just finished working at a co-working space. We were hungry and found the only open restaurant close-by. Thai, why not!

She ran an accounting firm and it was tax season. She was stressed and her honesty was at an all time high. We sat down, ordered and started talking, as friends usually do.

I lunged into my issues with the product I was building at the time and my struggles with getting my community to use it. I ran a small community locally and had decided not to use Facebook groups as our hub. I built my own "Groups." No one used it.

On the other hand, I would organize events that will sell out with maximum attendance. It was clear product market fit was the live experiences, not my rinky-dink web app.

I remember vividly. It was 5 minutes after the food arrived, she looked up, straight into my eyes and told me to stop. "You're driving yourself nuts pushing this app when no one asked for it."

My shoulders dropped, I sat back and took that in. She was right and I knew it.

She had known this for a while and was holding it in. You know, being supportive. Not that night. I got the full dose of the truth serum. It was bitter.

Shutting down was hard. Like bringing a freight train to a grinding halt, it requires some stopping distance. I did too.

It took a few weeks but I eventually shut the project down. Immediately, I felt free. My shoulders were light again. Optimism was high and I had more energy.

If you're like me, a Type-A personality then you don't quit. You grind to the bitter end. This can be a problem if something isn't working. We can always tell when it's time to let go but our egos, motivation, and personality get in the way.

Learn to quit.

It might just be what you need to do to invite progress into your life.

After I quit, I had the mental space to notice other opportunities that were right in front of me.

Ignore society and our façade of hustle culture and quit when it's not working.

Learn to quit .


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