Swings Vs Hits 🏏 by Adrian Cole

Dec 01, 2021 6:31 pm

Swings Vs Hits

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A few months ago, I got a DM from a Founder on Twitter. She wanted tips on how she can hit her 1000 followers mark. I looked at her profile feed and gave her the simplest advice I had.

You should probably tweet about a thousand more times.


She had a few hundred tweets at the time. I could feel her eyes bulge out from reading it. She responded that it sounded like a lot of work and didn't have the time.

She asked me how I grew my audience from hundreds to thousands in a few months. I directed her to look at my tweet count.

Again, another eye bulge. "You've sent that many tweets in a few months?" Yes, I have.

The reality is that only about 5 of those tweets are responsible for getting me a few thousand followers.

I had no idea which one will be a hit and go viral. I simply showed up daily and created content.

I’ve discovered that this theme translates to many areas of life. Focus on taking lots of swings.

ο»ΏThe only prerequisite is that you enjoy the process. The home runs will be a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled.

Keep swinging


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