LAST DAY to get How to Buy Your Own Damn Insurance/Takaful course (want the RM10 off Code?)

Mar 31, 2023 2:10 am

Hey ,

I'll keep this short - today is the last day my course, How to Buy Your Own Damn Insurance/Takaful is available for sale. It's designed to help you, well, buy your damn insurance.


This course is for people who WANT to buy insurance but afraid of being sold the wrong products – just want to do the research first and make the products selection yourself and/or meet the agent already somewhat informed.

The price is RM49 (without code) or RM39 (with code). Check where you can find the code at the Tickets section: 

Ps - If the price is the only thing stopping you, reply this email with 'Suraya, can I have the discount code?' before 3pm and I'll share it with you.

Take care and have an awesome Friday and weekend ahead,