Read this if buying insurance/takaful one of your money goals in 2023

Mar 14, 2023 2:39 am

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Is buying insurance/takaful one of your money goals in 2023? If yes, what's delaying you? You already know its important.

Wait, I know why, because I was in your shoes - not only I want to buy the best plans, I also want to avoid buying the wrong ones. Many people also delay until they find a good insurance agent, but they don't know what constitutes good service!

Others may have their opinions, but one way to tell an insurance agent is a good one is if they provide insurance review - ie contact you every year/every few years to see if your protection is still suitable to your needs.

Insurance reviews are also important because sometimes, older plans frankly suck. Your agent should recommend you to update your plan.

Take it from me - I was paying RM170 per month for a medical card with JUST RM190k annual limit (and NO lifetime limit!!) when nowadays, you could get RM1 million annual limit and no lifetime limit for around that amount!

The insurance/takaful industry is always keen to tell you how important protection is, how you must get it ASAP, but they don't do a good enough job in education. To them, a person should just get consultation with one of their agents, and just trust and take their recommendations, just pay only.

Enough of that. Go meet insurance agents, sure, but STOP RELYING ON JUST WHAT THEY TELL YOU - you should equip yourself with knowledge too!

If you're lucky, you'll get a good one who truly give you good coverage within your budget. If unlucky, you're just paying someone 3-4 figures for protection you don't actually need, but gives them the most commission.


This is the motivation behind my first-ever course, How to Buy Your Own Damn Insurance/Takaful. It's designed to help you, well, buy your damn insurance.

This course is for people who WANT to buy insurance but afraid of being sold the wrong products – just want to do the research first and make the products selection yourself and/or meet the agent already somewhat informed.

As of now, the RM19 and RM29 tiers are SOLD OUT. The next tier, RM39 is available in limited quantities. After that's gone, it'll be priced at RM49, then RM59.

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I really hope you get it. Learn how to make the insurance-buying process easier, and finally get the products you need (not what some agent pushes you to buy).

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