The Most Relevant Conversation of this time

Share widely! Join Sacha Stone and esteemed guests: Kevin Jenkins, Carrie Madej, Alison Mc Dowell, James Grundvig to discuss the most important conversation facing humanity today. stay updated:

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Jan 18, 2021

 Dear Freedom Family, For those of you who missed the Focus on Fauci event or are wanting to share it with others - please direct them to ON FAUCI AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD (and re-uploading)So many have asked if...

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Jan 10, 2021

  Dear Freedom Family, We are sending our prayers, energy & strength to all of the Freedom Warriors gathering in the Nation's Capitol in the US today for the FREEDOM RALLY while riding the waves of historical Focus on Fauci Ev...

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Jan 06, 2021
LIVE STARTING SOON: Focus on Fauci Live stream event

Dear Freedom Warriors,In less than HALF AN HOUR we are going live. 11AM EST - 4PM GMT Replay will be made available immediately after for those who can't attend.UNCENSORED:

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Jan 05, 2021
Exposing the truth and why Focus on Fauci is relevant.

Dear freedom family!The Covid Vaccination fantasies globally are intimately linked to one man and we are about to expose the full pathology of "Doctor" Fauci's criminal track-record and it will bust the dreamspell right open as to the corporate corru...

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Jan 04, 2021