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Oct 20, 2021 4:00 am

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Just wanted to check in and tell you about a new pre-workout supplement we got in stock called TONE.

It's made by Blackmarket, our best selling brand of pre-workout.

TONE has a great combination of vitamins and supplements to give you a proper dose of energy for your tough workouts throughout the week.

Plus it has several highly effective ingredients to help you burn fat, retain lean muscle, and promote healthy skin, hair and nail growth.


TONE includes a unique blend of weight loss components, antioxidants and biotin to promote healthier hair, skin and nail growth --all to help you become stronger, leaner and more confident. 

• 300mg per scoop of caffeine* 

• Helps aid in weight loss*

• Improves endurance*

• Reduces muscle fatigue*

• Increased antioxidants*

• Formulated for healthier hair, skin and nail growth*


If you're interested in supplementation to help you get into shape this fall, then you should give TONE a try!

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Stay Strong, Stay Consistent, and Keep Yourself Healthy this Fall!

You got this!

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Anthony @ Proper Nutrition