life is better with coffee, fact or fiction?

Sep 03, 2021 4:48 am


Hey VIP fam,

It's a FACT.

Life is better with coffee.

But we took this known fact and remixed it to make it just a little bit...BETTER.

We added protein to it!

But not just any protein...

We added the best natural, deliciously satisfying PROTEIN derived from Earth's finest super food plants!


We use vegan protein in our shakes.

After split testing several different types of proteins and brands, the plant based variety won every time on taste, performance, and how it made you feel.

Ever drink a whey protein shake and it made your tummy feel kind of sketchy?

Yea, us too.

That's another reason why we went with plant based because of the allergen free, soy free, natural ingredients you get.

So Coffee x Plant Protein?

Damn right!

Treat yourself to our Signature Local Coffee Shake...


*AKA the Coconut Vanilla Latte Crunch.

You can drink this bad mama jamma post workout, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime in between.

All of our shakes and drinks are specifically designed to nourish your body's health and fitness needs.

So we have balanced macros for you and with a focus on low calories, low sugar, high protein, and clean carbs.

You can also add boosters to hit specific goals such as Oats, Collagen, CBD, MCT Oil and more!

If you're looking to get your caffeine fix plus macros all in one giant gulp then look no further.

Stop by our shop in Gulf Breeze Proper next to Lao Ocean and treat yo-self to a Signature Shake!

And as a VIP MEMBER...

You get our Signature Coffee Shakes for only $8.50 $6

Just show this message at checkout to get your vip deal.

Visit us online to order for pick-up and delivery if you're in a time crunch.

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see ya soon,


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