Art + Shenanigans with Petra

Dec 30, 2021 6:36 pm

Hi there,

I hope you are well! I've been pretty busy with family visits, filling in orders, and launching just one more thing - Rebel Handmade - but more about that later as it's still early days but click the link if you're curious and want to know more!

I'm in reflective and goal-setting mode and have started the beginning of my 2022 Goal List of them I am not sure where to put it just yet is to spend less time on social media with the exception of my Business Page and Groups. This means I have a lot more time to do more things hence this extensive list.


  • Create 2 new Wood-Burning Tutorials a month 
  • Work on Guitar Cut out Wood-Burning that will be a special gift 
  • Learn the Cricut and make things 
  • Create 2 Crochet Patterns a month 
  • Make art that excites me and brings me joy 


  • Get healthier - already in progress 
  • Get more active - already in progress 
  • Complete 2022 Miles - I signed up for a challenge
  • Miles will be achieved through running, rowing, and hiking 
  • Hike once a month - I live by the Blue Ridge Parkway plenty of trails to choose from! 
  • Annual Physical 


  • Get wills done
  • Spend time with kid/grandkids 


  • Declutter things we don’t need or use
  • Renovate each room 
  • Bathrooms (2)
  • Bedrooms (3)
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Paint House exterior
  • Clean up property - prep to be rented out
  • Search and find a home with acreage 


  • Donate Animal Art to Wildlife Center for Auction 
  • Donate to Urea Cycle Foundation 


  • Increase net worth to $X
  • Set up Profit First 
  • Reduce Debt


  • Camping at the Beach 
  • Dino Park with the grandkids 
  • Camping Trip with my partner 
  • Metal in the Mountains Music Festival (I’m a sponsor)
  • Iron Maiden Concert in October 
  • Breaking Benjamin Concert 


  • Meet monthly Sales Goal
  • Sign up as a Vendor at Markets + Festivals to sell Art 
  • Grow the Pyrography Academy 
  • Kick off the Crochet Academy 
  • Grow Rebel Handmade + launch Membership 
  • Map out 2022 Content - already done 

If you know of any markets and festivals in Virginia you think I should check out, let me know (just hit reply).

And since most of my content is mapped out - I am kicking it off with new pages for the Coloring Creatives! The January Pages are here you can get as a stand-alone or join the membership to get access to a ton more coloring pages!

Want to learn or improve your wood-burning skill? Learn more about the Pyrography Academy here!

Until next year!



P.S. I am announcing the Monthly Giveaway Winner next week