We now have gift cards

I am so excited to be offering gift cards in my shop. I've been tending to my website and shop this past weekend to update all of the listings (335 in total) to indicate ready-to-ship and made-to-order items.

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May 27, 2022
Showing off my Display

Since starting selling at events again this year, I have done three so far and I am pretty thrilled with the outcome and learning a lot still. When I sold in-person back from 2009 until about 2011 I didn't really pay much attention to the display or...

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May 05, 2022
The Coloring Lounge FAQ

I am here to answer some of The Coloring Lounge FAQs - so if you haven't heard, The Coloring Lounger is a $7-month coloring page membership subscription. But it's really bigger than that -

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Apr 15, 2022

I've been adding new coloring page packages these last few weeks and will be adding more moving forward. These are and will be standalone coloring page packages but are also included in The Coloring Lounge Membership as well.

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Apr 13, 2022
April is Organ Donation Awareness Month

Every year I share the reminder that organ donation saves lives because if it wasn't for people choosing organ donation, we wouldn't be able to roll our eyes at Lennon's sarcasm, groan at his puns, and experiences his genuine kindness.

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Apr 08, 2022
The Rebels Den | Life + Business Dreams + Goals

It’s time to clarify your direction + set goals on the road to your dreams. Get on the road to success!Get ready for the good stuff! Hi, I am Petra! I’m a goal + mindset mentor, coach, and author for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates just like...

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Mar 23, 2022