P. Derrick Seagraves


Quick Question: Why don't you already have the network you want?

Almost everyone agrees that there is happiness, opportunity, wealth, and health in a good network. Almost no one can give you an actionable plan to gain those benefits.

If what has held you back is that you didn't have a clear plan, I made you one. It's called "The Greatest Networking Course," and it's available soon on Teachable.

I studied the best 14 books on networking and personal connection, collected that wisdom into a single system, and have been using it to change my family's destiny and others'. If you want to save the hours of study and the years of trial and error, you can buy my simple, actionable system that anyone can use to grow and leverage your network.

There's a $50,000 value guarantee, or a 150% refund; you will come out ahead.

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Hello, I'm Derrick


I made The Greatest Networking Course, with a clear and simple process built from studying the best 14 books on personal connection and my experience implementing them.

I want to start by giving, though, so I also made a free course ( A Better Network in 15 Min ). I hope you'll enjoy coming back to it for clear direction again and again.

It's fair for you to ask, "Why should we listen to you?" I have a bio here, but I'll share what having a good network has helped me do:

  • Buy investments like real estate with other people's money
  • Meet my wife, and have friends in nearly every state
  • Get jobs with Nordstrom, Wells Fargo Financial, Chevron
  • Start businesses with customers and investors ready for me
  • Get out of some dangerous situations (really)
  • Help others with just a phone call or note

Because I have a system, I grow and leverage my network on-demand, instead of "networking" taking all of my time.

I hope you can see the value available to you, and will choose to be a part of the pre-launch and enjoy our early bird discounts.

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