The Flowlu Academy Course and Community for beginners is launching June 2023!


- and keep it that way!

I've helped over 60 customers set up their Flowlu their way - and everything that's come out of that experience is built in to my membership of ever-growing content; along with CRM best practice too! You'll also learn how to use my process-first creative CRM approach developed over 20 years working with the world's leading airlines.

It's like having your very own guide, revealing the hidden automation and workflow possibilities you really want to know - learn Flowlu's secret powers and how they can support your business - PLUS it's perfect for beginner and intermediate users (full of downloads, checklists and tons of use-cases too).

When you join here's all the problems you remove from your life;

👉 Trying to figure it out alone

and you get screen-headaches, wasted hours and tears before bedtime

👉 You ask Flowlu support and wait

and you go back and forth for ages without the resolution you need

 ðŸ‘‰ You search online with a cry for help in huge forums

and you watch old YouTubes with random advice

👉 You hire the wrong person (again!)

and you get stress, mess and a hole in your bank account

Use the form below to get the full launch information and secure your early bird, grandfathered pricing if you decide to go ahead - and the monthly fee includes an extra seat for your VA for free!

This offer pricing will only be available to the first 50 founder members.

You'll join an amazing community of skill, talent and experience so that you can get all the Flowlu goodness for your business 👇

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