Mar 22, 2021 12:33 pm

Dear Senator,

At this moment in time, we are over a year removed from the initiation of the effort to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two weeks to flatten the curve has turned into 52 weeks to flatten the economy and trample on the liberty of Arizonans, Americans, and the free peoples of the world.

This insanity, sold to us by corrupt bureaucrats and a mass media that thrives on hysteria, has only served to destroy the middle class while it enriches the large corporations who enjoyed the privilege of being deemed "essential business."

The abuse of executive power over the past year has been shocking, and the complicity of the media in this psychological warfare and fearmongering is like something out of a bad dystopian novel.

Yet here we are.

HB 2770 is but a small step in a return to normalcy for Arizonans. In truth, it does little to reverse the damage done over the last year, and one would think its merit would be so obvious as to render it unnecessary, but in our present time, we cannot assume common sense from any level of government.

Simply put, this bill removes private business and their employees from being enforcement agents for the government.

Again, this should be a fairly obvious position. And perhaps without the specter of overreaching punitive action from the government, businesses will allow private citizens to behave as free people once again, fully capable of making their own decisions regarding their personal health, especially toward a so-called pandemic that has a survival rate so high as to render our reaction to it a complete embarrassment.

Vote YES for this bill. Take one small step for freedom.


Franklin N. Brown

Phoenix, Arizona